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Make Your Furniture A Long and Beautiful Life

Chun Wang leather possesses the qualities necessary to create the furniture beautiful with eye appeal and a long life. But this does not mean that it can do without care.

  • Routine Carey
    The routine care of the leather furniture is limited to dusting once a week or a careful vacuuming. You should clean the leather carefully with a special substance two or three times a year as well. You should treat arm and head rests a bit more frequently where the leather is exposed to hand sweat and oily hair.
  • Always Be Careful
    There are several brands of leather cleansers to choose from. Allow the leather ample time to dry between attempts. Wet or damp leather is very vulnerable to wear and tear. It is important that you dab away the dirt and any spots with a clean, natural sponge or soft cloth. Never rub the leather.
  • Greasy Spots
    If the spot is greasy, wipe off any surplus immediately with a clean, soft cloth or paper-towel. The spot eventually disappears by itself into the leather. In an emergency, you can use a mild, unscented and neutral soap-water. Dampen the spot carefully with the blended solution. Avoid soaking through the leather. Then, allow it to air-dry in normal room-temperature. Afterwards, polish the surface lightly with a dry, soft rag.
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Placing your furniture next to strong heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators or in direct sunlight can dry out the natural oils in the leather and cause cracking and stiffening the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight will eventually fade all natural products, and leather is no exception area first.
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